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According to data obtained through FOI requests, more than 26,051 adults were on a waiting list for their first appointment at an NHS GIC last year.

It’s been four weeks since thousands of barristers first walked out of courtrooms across England and Wales in a dispute against dire pay conditions, following decades of government underfunding and cuts to legal aid.

‘Casual homophobia, biphobia and transphobia… It can happen through reaching out to generic organisations, local authorities - and, really, just the world.’

The panic-fuelled chaos that came to define last August’s invasion of Afghanistan may have subsided, but for the LGBT+ people still trapped and facing displacement, the trauma will remain forever ingrained in a psyche already scarred by war.

Exclusive Freedom of Information data obtained by Metro.co.uk reveals that during the period of the European football championship, 26 of the 39 police forces that responded, recorded an increase in the number of domestic abuse reports.

For the hundreds, if not thousands, of LGBT+ Afghans who remain trapped in Kabul, life in their home country was already imbued with a sense of impending danger.

According to the Museum of Homelessness, 967 rough sleeping deaths were recorded across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland last year – 37% higher than the number of fatalities reported in 2019.

Data from May 2020 also revealed that nearly 20% of LGBT+ people were concerned that the coronavirus crisis would lead to substance misuse, or even trigger a relapse.


Homosexuality is already a punishable offence in Afghanistan, but Artemis says the fear within the community is palpable, with many of his friends forced to hide in their homes for fear of being discovered by Taliban fighters.

In the last week, families who received the £80 uplift have been notified via a number of messages in online accounts that their payments will fall from the beginning of October.

A substantial number of homeless applicants are still unable to secure housing, despite legislation designed to prevent people from losing their home, a leading homelessness charity has found.

One of the UK’s leading youth homelessness charities has warned young people are still struggling to access support after recording a “a significant increase” in demand for its helpline this year.

The UK needs a “partnership between the public, the government and businesses” if it is to achieve its post-Brexit “goals”, the shadow international trade secretary has urged.

Tariffs on cheese exported from the UK are set to be cut as part of a trade deal signed with Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

As part of a new pilot scheme for workplaces, the chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster will be able to skip the normal 10-day quarantine period, and instead take a Covid test every day for a week.

The number of cases of homophobic hate crimes in London have risen by more than 30 per cent in the last year, new figures have shown.

The brother of murdered private detective Daniel Morgan has said he doesn’t believe justice will ever be served after a 34-year quest for answers and an “unwarranted” intervention by the Home Office.

County courts are facing an “eviction avalanche” now the government’s ban on bailiff-led evictions has been lifted, according to a prominent housing specialist.

Speaking to TLE, the former director of communications shed light on the impact of his battle with depression ahead of the publication of his next volume of diaries.

Around two-thirds (68 per cent) of London boroughs said access to affordable housing was a challenge, compared with 40 per cent of local authorities outside of the capital.

Almost 4,000 people have crossed the English Channel, one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world, with 235 individuals intercepted on 6 August alone

Campaigners are preparing to bring a private prosecution against senior cabinet ministers, including the prime minister, after allegations that the strategy of herd immunity resulted in “avoidable deaths”, TLE can reveal.

While international law recognises that families are entitled to protection in relation to family members, it is left to individual states to define what is meant by ‘family’.

Sir Keir Starmer has criticised the government’s support for the self employed and called on ministers to “ensure all businesses large and small are covered by their schemes”.

The case, which is being brought against the Council of the EU, argues that all UK citizens who were legally defined as EU citizens on 31 January 2020 should retain citizenship regardless of the UK’s departure from the European Union.

Created by political satirist Tom Walker, Pie has become something of a cult figure. Scathing and to-the-point, this rogue reporter has developed the perfect balance of delivering news while at the same time lambasting it.

Hoyle enters the chair at a time of immense upheaval in British politics and has pledged to use his tenure to bring calm to a chamber which has often seen heated and ill-tempered debates over the UK’s attempts to leave the European Union.

A group of campaigners are set to launch legal action against the government in a bid to challenge the removal of EU citizenship when the UK leaves the European Union, TLE can reveal.

Speaking exclusively with TLE, Tony Blair’s former director of communications took aim at large portions of the mainstream media for willingly disseminating government fabrications in a candid interview ahead of the upcoming December election.

Labour MEPs will not vote to ratify the Withdrawal Agreement in the European Parliament unless a People’s Vote amendment is added, TLE has learnt.

Speaking exclusively to TLE, Sir Vince Cable said it had “profoundly wounded” the politics he was once familiar with, but downplayed his party’s role in calling for a vote on EU membership as “fairly ambiguous”.

When it comes to challenging powerful politicians, one private prosecutor thinks that we have yet to see our judiciary “hold powerful politicians to account” in cases of criminal law.

The government has announced plans to prorogue Parliament ahead of the Queen’s speech on 14 October in its latest bid to prevent MPs blocking ‘no deal’.


Unveiled last week, Ofgem announced the cap on average household energy bills would increase by 54% to £1,971 per year, the biggest hike since the cap was first introduced in 2019.

Boroughs in south west London are among the worst in the capital for rising hate crime, with many reporting a spike in offences last year, figures reveal.

Councils in London spent close to £400,000 on air travel in ten years despite commitments to reduce carbon emissions, SWL can reveal.

Having been elected as a councillor in 2014, Ali took office last October at the height of the authority’s collapse, following the controversial departure of her predecessor, Tony Newman.

A south London MP has recounted the shock of receiving a homophobic death threat in an attempt to raise awareness of the abuse MPs face.

A number of MPs from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds have criticised the Government for ‘failing to respond’ to the “life or death consequences of structural racism.”

Croydon Council is deciding whether it can continue to accept new arrivals of unaccompanied asylum-seeking children, according to new documents.

According to a response to a Freedom of Information request made by SWL, procurement card data shows the cash-strapped authority spent a total of £230,891 at numerous hotels between April 2019 and March 2020.

According to data published by the London Assembly’s Health Committee, some of the highest deaths are in boroughs with a higher percentage of BAME residents.

Sadiq Khan has revealed the impact of lockdown on his battle with mental health in an effort to remove the stigma surrounding the subject.

Sir Ed Davey has branded the Government’s 5p a day increase of Carer’s Allowance “a total insult” to those caring for loved ones during the pandemic.

The Conservative party candidate for London Mayor, Shaun Bailey, has condemned what he calls an “upward trend of crime” in the capital.

Representing a supporter base of over 17,000 businesses, Dakers has noticed the way in which lockdown has altered the nature of enterprise.

Responding to a Freedom of Information request, the Ministry of Justice reported that the number of cases waiting to be heard increased from 7,038 in January to 11,356 in August last year, an increase of 46.9%.

Nearly a third of the capital’s youth centres face closure within six months as they struggle to operate during the pandemic, a survey has revealed. 

Businesses in south west London have come together to warn of the uncertainty facing them as the UK faces the prospect of a no-deal Brexit.


Figures published by Heathrow Airport have revealed an 82% drop in traffic in October, with warnings that November could be even worse.

It was an assault outside a gay bar that inspired Ruislip's PC Pete Trueman to join the Metropolitan Police.

Self-preservation is a basic human instinct. But in a world centered around individual survival, we mustn't forget who suffers most.

By addressing prejudices head-on with an open mind, blues musician Daryl Davis has succeeded in convincing over 200 KKK members and other White supremacists to disavow their allegiances.


Government and transparency are often uncomfortable bedfellows, but this government has taken the meaning of secrecy to a whole new level. With the arrival of Dominic Cummings, Downing Street has stymied accountability and replaced it with vacuous social media stunts.


But Jane was shocked to be told she had made herself homeless by leaving the property, despite her landlord’s instructions. To her horror, even with young children, she was considered ineligible for rehousing.