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The 2020 Euros saw a spike in domestic abuse – will it be the same for the World Cup

Exclusive Freedom of Information data obtained by Metro.co.uk reveals that during the period of the European football championship, 26 of the 39 police forces that responded, recorded an increase in the number of domestic abuse reports.

Being LGBT in Afghanistan: 'If they catch me, they will kill me'

To give an insight into the sheer turmoil facing those on the ground, Metro.co.uk spoke to five LGBT+ Afghans, whose names have been changed to protect their identity, about their experiences of being hunted by one of the most deadly terrorist groups.

According to the Museum of Homelessness, 967 rough sleeping deaths were recorded across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland last year – 37% higher than the number of fatalities reported in 2019.

A 2009 Justice Department report noted that “no death sentences are reported to have been dispensed with after the end of the Taliban rule but… this is still technically possible” under criminal law in the country.

“I’ve gone back to worrying about money everyday, battling to stay well mentally, and sad that so many of us will not have enough to get by.”

Last year, TLE heard from families who had been evicted through no fault of their own, but were still denied housing by local authorities as they were considered not to be in ‘priority need’.

The UK needs a “partnership between the public, the government and businesses” if it is to achieve its post-Brexit “goals”, the shadow international trade secretary has urged.

Recent research has revealed that more than half of LGBT+ people have suffered depression in the last year, while three in five experience anxiety. At the same time, 31% of LGBT+ people have thought about taking their own life.

In 2021, all lesbian, gay, bi, trans and queer Londoners should feel safe to be themselves, but these figures show that this still isn’t the reality.

The brother of murdered private detective Daniel Morgan has said he doesn’t believe justice will ever be served after a 34-year quest for answers and an “unwarranted” intervention by the Home Office.

County courts are facing an “eviction avalanche” now the government’s ban on bailiff-led evictions has been lifted, according to a prominent housing specialist.

Their comments come amid the publication of a review by Baroness Lawrence, which concluded that structural racism was responsible for the disproportionate impact of the coronavirus pandemic on BAME communities.

Sadiq Khan has revealed the impact of lockdown on his battle with mental health in an effort to remove the stigma surrounding the subject.

Sir Ed Davey has branded the Government’s 5p a day increase of Carer’s Allowance “a total insult” to those caring for loved ones during the pandemic.

The Conservative party candidate for London Mayor, Shaun Bailey, has condemned what he calls an “upward trend of crime” in the capital.

Speaking to The London Economic, the former director of communications shed light on the impact of his battle with depression ahead of the publication of his next volume of diaries.

“Don’t panic, don’t worry, just go with the flow and take one day at a time and try not to focus too much on problems that have yet to manifest."

Nearly a third of the capital’s youth centres face closure within six months as they struggle to operate during the pandemic, a survey has revealed.
The number of outstanding magistrates’ court cases in south west London rose to more than 11,000 in 2020, it can be revealed.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has warned the capital’s services for young people face going “back to square one” unless the Government provides immediate support for the city’s vital youth clubs and community organisations.

The comments follow widespread criticism of Nigel Farage who has been accused of inflaming hostility towards refugees after claiming a small group of people on the Kent shore resembled a “shocking invasion.”

Agonising separation laws are inflicting immeasurable pain upon families already grief-stricken by the horrors of war

By addressing prejudices head-on with an open mind, blues musician Daryl Davis has succeeded in convincing over 200 KKK members and other White supremacists to disavow their allegiances.

Self-preservation is a basic human instinct. But in a world centered around individual survival, we mustn't forget who suffers most

Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer has criticised the government’s support for the self employed and called on “the government to ensure all businesses large and small are covered by their schemes”.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle says he wants the country to come together in the same way that Parliament has got to come together.

Government and transparency are often uncomfortable bedfellows, but this government has taken the meaning of secrecy to a whole new level.

In 2015 Jane lost her family home after the business she had been running went bust. Soon she was told by her landlord to vacate the property. Rather than face eviction, Jane (not her real name) decided to leave her property and approached her local council.

The end of free movement means that the residence status for EU citizens and their family members has to be protected under UK immigration law.

Sir Vince Cable said holding the EU referendum was a “terrible mistake” which has “profoundly wounded” the politics he was once familiar with.

It is now understood that a separate complaint has been lodged with the Cabinet Secretary Sir Mark Sedwill in an attempt to appeal the decision not to investigate by the Propriety and Ethics Team.

Before the UK can officially leave the European Union, the Withdrawal Agreement has to be voted on in both the UK and European Parliament.