Hi, I'm Oliver Murphy,

I'm a freelance journalist.

About me

From starting out at the bottom of the pile as a junior reporter at my school's newspaper, to freelancing regularly for a number of national and regional outlets, I've accumulated over three years experience working in journalism.

During that time I've had the privilege of working on a number of exciting projects. From interviewing the Speaker of the House of Commons on the effects of Brexit on Parliament, to sitting down with shadow cabinet ministers to discuss everything from trade, immigration and racism – I've proven my tenacity as a journalist that is able to fulfil a variety of briefs.

I'm incredibly organised, work well under pressure and have a track record of sourcing original and hard-hitting stories that are well researched and feature powerful case studies, to name but a few things. Having found myself focusing just on news stories, at the start of 2021 I set myself a new challenge and began to explore issues specifically through the lens of human interest.

Since then I haven't stopped, and have produced a number of pieces including a long-read feature on an American jazz musician's journey to de-radicalise members of the Ku Klux Klan, deep-dive investigations into the state of rough sleeping in the UK, and feature pieces on the experiences of LGBT+ Afghans at the hands of the Taliban.

For more information about my experience you can visit my portfolio to see a number of examples of my work. For commissioning opportunities, or general enquiries, email me for further details.